These are just a few of our "Success Stories".

What a duo!  Shannon came to Poodles and Pals first - from Baldwin Park Shelter in Los Angeles where she had been a picked up stray.  A sweet girl, she was so fortunate to be adopted by Bonnie.  Then came Leo from the Coronado Animal Control in San Diego.  Bonnie thought Leo was cute and asked to meet him.  Leo and Shannon loved each other from the first moment they met.  And are quite the little terrors together! 
Sailor came to us from the Coachella Valley Animal Shelter where he had sadly been over-looked for adoption.  So off we went to the desert to pick him up, then groomed him pretty, took him to his foster mom Karren and he has never left!  This is what is termed a "foster failure", or adopting the dog you are fostering!!!  Sailor lives just a few doors away from Shannon and Leo (above) and is a very happy boy.