These are just a few of our "Success Stories".

What a duo!  Shannon came to Poodles and Pals first - from Baldwin Park Shelter in Los Angeles where she had been a picked up stray.  A sweet girl, she was so fortunate to be adopted by Bonnie.  Then came Leo from the Coronado Animal Control in San Diego.  Bonnie thought Leo was cute and asked to meet him.  Leo and Shannon loved each other from the first moment they met.  And are quite the little terrors together! 
Sailor came to us from the Coachella Valley Animal Shelter where he had sadly been over-looked for adoption.  So off we went to the desert to pick him up, then groomed him pretty, took him to his foster mom Karren and he has never left!  This is what is termed a "foster failure", or adopting the dog you are fostering!!!  Sailor lives just a few doors away from Shannon and Leo (above) and is a very happy boy.
Daphne, now known as Livia, came to us from a local shelter.  She is a very small standard poodle girl who is also very shy and timid.  But in her new home she is blossoming every day and becoming a happy little girl. 
Sheldon, now known as Ollie, came from a local shelter where he was getting over-looked for adoption.  This sweet young miniature poodle  now lives with 2 standard poodles and a wonderful family in the OC!

Lady is beautiful brown standard poodle!  She now lives within an extended family of standard poodle lovers and is one happy girl.

Mindy is a sweet young poodle mix who had been a stray on the streets.  Thank goodness she was saved from those mean streets and ended up with Poodles and Pals.  Mindy is now known as Tess and is living a dream life in Palm Springs!

Harvey came to us around Easter time, hence his name (referring to the imaginary 6 foot rabbit named Harvey).  Harvey was severely matted, lots of foxtails and he smelled like he had been living in a barn.  It took hours to groom him!   Harvey is a super sweet poodle mix boy who now lives in Palm  Springs.  He has excelled at obedience school, loves to go swimming in his pool and hiking with his mom and dad.  What a life!

Baby came to us from a home not able to properly care for him.  This wonderful poodle/terrier mix stayed with us for over 2 years while we looked for the right home for him - as you can tell, we do not give up!  Baby found his "furever" home and now lives with Barbara and Joe and a deaf kitty named Buffy.  Baby (now known as Dusty) lives the life of luxury with his mom and dad home most of the time, daily walks, car rides, hugs and loves!

, now known as Koby, came from Animal Friends of the Valleys in Wildomar.  He had a terribly rough beginning - thrown out of a car, matted with tons of foxtails, four ensuing surgeries to take of the embedded foxtails.  Through it all he retained his sweet nature and was adopted by Mike and Ingrid.  He is now a spoiled little boy who has tons of toys and loves his new mommy and daddy.

Hope is a tiny little maltese girl who came to us from a shelter with her buddy Courage.  Hope was severely matted and not in very good shape.  We were able to get her cleaned up and healthy for adoption to a wonderful couple!  She is a sweet and happy little girl!!! 

Courage came to us with his friend Hope from a local shelter.  Courage now lives with a maltese brother in a loving home!

is a little black and white terrier mix that came to us as an unclaimed stray.  This adorable girl is now known as Mitzi and lives a life of luxury with Don and Judy.  She gets to go on RV trips, play with her new toys and falls asleep in her new daddy's arms. 


is a big blue/black standard poodle who is quite the love.  He was 9 years old when he entered rescue, relinquished from a breeder.  Baron had not been groomed in months and was not in the best of condition.  After getting cleaned up and vetted he was quickly adopted by Kathy and David.  Baron likes to go with Kathy to work where he sleeps under the desk. Baron now lives part-time in the mountains of Southern California and part-time on a farm in Tennessee.

Brink was found abandoned on a country road as a matted youngster.  His rescuers thought he was a BedlingtonTerrier, so he was taken in by their breed rescue.  But something didn't seem right - they called in poodle people who realized Brink was really a young standard poodle boy!  So, he was transferred to Poodles and Pals.  Brink now lives with a dog groomer and is a grooming competition dog!  Melissa and Dan are his new parents and Termite the chihuahua is his brother.

What a beautiful black standard girl!  Isabella was relinquished to Poodles and Pals and quickly adopted by Melanie and Dave, their kids Macy and Graham and mini poodle brother Wesley.  This lovely girl has made a wonderful addition to their family unit!

This pretty toy poodle girl came into rescue at the age of 7 years after her elderly human mom became seriously ill and no longer able to care for her.  Koko was adopted by a loving daddy and is now a spoiled princess!

Rosie is a pretty apricot toy poodle girl who came from the Baldwin Park Shelter in Los Angeles.  She was "red listed", meaning it was her last bit of time on this earth before euthanasia, simply because of lack of space at the shelter.  Rosie is now living a happy retired life in Palm Springs with her mama Jayne.

Sadie is a pretty black standard poodle girl that was in the Coachella Valley Animal Shelter - very emaciated, unspayed with a mammary mass.  We took her out of the shelter, fixed her up and adopted her to Cathy in the Palm Desert area who does pet therapy with her poodles.

Toto was a young poodle mix who had been a stray.  This sweet boy was adopted by Mary and Richard and their kitties and now lives a loved life in Riverside.


, now known as Bella, was relinquished to Poodles and Pals when her family could no longer keep her.  This pretty cream colored standard girl quickly found a new home that included another standard poodle.  Bella now lives in the Hollywood Hills with her dad Max!